Your Wisdom


Delicately crafted, this one of a kind hair comb combines vintage elements with new sophisticated materials. That is the reason for its name. It holds the enigmatic beauty of past times and the delicate components of the present.

This classic model never goes out of fashion and its size makes it easy to use and versatile to wear. It can be worn in a vast array of hair do’s. Up or down, not a problem. Walk owning your wisdom; with sophistication, intention and elegance.


  • 3 French Porcelain
  • Flowers from the 19th Century
  • Venetian mossgreen silk string
  • Mustard yellow Murano glass Pistils from ’30
  • 2 gold color combs (3x2cm wide each)


  • Height- 8cm (including comb)
  • Length- 14cm