Me Passionate


Me Passionate is a rich, lavish headpiece which is a collection of small golden, floral elements. Its intricate and delicate composition make of this piece a sophisticated yet timeless work of art. It will for sure capture the attention of many.

Me Passionate is for the woman who loves beauty, is sophisticated and has a personal and unique sense of style. She loves to wear one of a kind pieces and has no trouble being the center of attention.

This stunning half crown is to be worn on the back of the head. It can be placed over a bun or any beautiful hairstyle that sits on the back of the head. A veil can be placed in the hair, under the headpiece. It can be secured with bobby pins for extra grip and support.

Are you ready to turn heads?



  • Venitian Silk Thread
  • Floral elements
  • Czec crystals
  • Handmade flowers


  • Golden comb 5x7cm