Love at First Sight


Are you in love? feeling excited, light hearted with butterflies in your stomach?

Well, this fantastic feeling is what inspired this headpiece. The excitement, the joy of finding someone you love. It is about being enthusiastic about life and in connection to what is. Love at first sight is a headpiece that is cute, fun, feminine and delicate. It is a sweet hair comb that goes well with summer and spring dresses.

When you wear Love at First Sight, there is no need to wear heavy jewellery, as this is an intricate piece that highlights your natural beauty and brings out your natural glow. The headpiece also has hidden additional loops to add bobby pins for extra grip. You can use this piece on any hairstyle- up, down, to the side. You’ll look beautiful no matter what!



  • Silver coloured Venetian Thread
  • Handmade polymer clay and paper flowers
  • Millinery floral elements
  • Glass beads