Heart & Soul


Heart & Soul is made for you. You who are flamboyant, full of life and filled with vital energy. It captures your love for life and your romantic perspective on things. This gorgeous crown is made with a lavish array of delicate flowers and blossoms. Velvety leaves and handmade flowers.

This stunning headpiece is definitely a show stopper and it will take your outfit to the next level. Heart & Soul celebrates your passion for life and is a symbol of your small and big victories in life.

The Heart & Soul- Bridal Crown invites you to treasure the important moments in life and to live life with gratitude.



  • Vintage orange pistils from the 30’s
  • Mocca Venetian Silk Thread
  • Handmade flowers
  • Velvet flowers and Leaves
  • Green Leaf shaped elements

Extra bobby pins are needed to fasten the crown securely on the head.

Flexible structure to better adapt it  to the head.


  • 15cm wide x 16cm