Delightful Me

Think of Spring, flower blossoms and fresh air filling your lungs. This piece is a breath of fresh air.  Delightful me is a good reminder to celebrate life and enjoy the present moment. Its rich composition is a sweet display of colour and floral beauty. Velvety leaves, handmade flowers and delicate branches, all come together to enhance your outfit on your special day.

This unique piece is a statement of colour and femininity. If you are looking for something innovative, colourful and distinct, look no further, Delightful Me is the headpiece for you.



Flexible structure which allows you to adapt it to your hairstyle and the shape of your head.

  • Venetian silk thread
  • 2 Handmade horsehair flowers
  • 2 brass flowers
  • 2 paper millinery flowers
  • Red and pink velvet leaves
  • White handmade italian flowers
  • Small gold colored hair comb

Use a few additional bobby pins to secure it to your hair do.


  • 13cm at widest point x 18 cm including comb