• Artemis


    The Artemis hair comb is designed to give you comfort, style and sophistication while you continue with your fast paced lifestyle.

    It is easy to wear, rests comfortably on your head and you can combine it with almost every outfit. Artemis is a piece that is highly versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down and it can be used for a party, a cocktail, but also for a romantic date night. You could even wear it to work!

    Artemis will highlight your own natural beauty and express your unique personality as you continue to live your bright, awesome life.

  • Honesty

    This beautiful hair comb has lovely rich blue tones. It’s abundant, sturdy and it gives you the feeling as if it had been found in an antique treasure chest. It has the feeling of traditional Romantic paintings. The Honesty hair comb is a feminine, floral and romantic piece which encapsulates the essence of an English meadow in springtime. The Honesty hair comb invites you to be your natural self and follow your intuition. Trust that your feminine wisdom will lead you and show you the way to happiness. Live your life with honesty.
  • Your Wisdom


    Delicately crafted, this one of a kind hair comb combines vintage elements with new sophisticated materials. That is the reason for its name. It holds the enigmatic beauty of past times and the delicate components of the present.

    This classic model never goes out of fashion and its size makes it easy to use and versatile to wear. It can be worn in a vast array of hair do’s. Up or down, not a problem. Walk owning your wisdom; with sophistication, intention and elegance.

  • Renaissance

    More than a headpiece this is like a family heirloom. The Renaissance hair ornament is just exquisite. Tailored with careful detail, it has clean lines and is well-composed. If you are looking for classic elegance this is the piece for you. This striking hair ornament has the magnificent beauty of a vanished world. It evokes charm and grandeur. If you are the kind of bride who loves vintage pieces and the thrill of antique markets, then this piece was made for you. Uniquely crafted by Altares, you will not find a second one like it. If you like it, don’t wait.
  • Truthful

    Inspired in fairy tale stories, this stunning bridal crown is a piece that you will want to keep in a glass box as a decoration/keepsake, after your glorious wedding. Yes, it is that beautiful! Mostly made of raw brass. This piece will make you feel like a queen. It is lovingly designed to evoke elegance, glamour and sophistication. It has 12 handmade crisp white lilies and Czech glass beads. Entirely handmade and carefully handcrafted this piece is simply gorgeous!