• Beginnings

    Say “I do” with your Beginnings Bridal Halo. It was named this way to mark your “new beginning” into the first chapter of your new life. Inspired by goddesses from the past, this brassy bridal halo will make you look elegant, classic and distinct, adding a touch of effortless magic. Its flexible structure will adapt well in any hairstyle you want to wear.. It will follow the shape of your head resting comfortably on your hair. Its ornamented branches, secured with a few bobby pins will rest gently on the side of your head allowing you to move  freely and forget that you are wearing a headpiece. It’s light and airy. You can wear it under a veil or  use it in combination with a veil. Either way the option is yours. This piece will deliver that special touch from the past, only portrayed in paintings and antique masterpieces. You are special, treat yourself to something unique.
  • Grace

    Grace is all about beauty and delicate elegance. This headpiece wraps around your head giving you the perfect touch of sophistication and distinction. Grace is for the woman who is ready to inspire and radiate her beauty from within. Grace reminds you of your spark, your femininity and your inner power. Walk with Grace on your special day.
  • Heart & Soul

    Heart & Soul is made for you. You who are flamboyant, full of life and filled with vital energy. It captures your love for life and your romantic perspective on things. This gorgeous crown is made with a lavish array of delicate flowers and blossoms. Velvety leaves and handmade flowers. This stunning headpiece is definitely a show stopper and it will take your outfit to the next level. Heart & Soul celebrates your passion for life and is a symbol of your small and big victories in life. The Heart & Soul- Bridal Crown invites you to treasure the important moments in life and to live life with gratitude.
  • The Promise

    The Promise Bridal Crown stands for commitment, honesty and love. Delicate, white and sweet this gorgeous piece is a show stopper. If you are a bride who loves romance and has an eye for things that are a little quirky and unique in style, look no more, this is it! You’ll look fabulous. You can wear this piece with or without a veil. Are you ready to say “I do!”?
  • Me Passionate


    Me Passionate is a rich, lavish headpiece which is a collection of small golden, floral elements. Its intricate and delicate composition make of this piece a sophisticated yet timeless work of art. It will for sure capture the attention of many.

    Me Passionate is for the woman who loves beauty, is sophisticated and has a personal and unique sense of style. She loves to wear one of a kind pieces and has no trouble being the center of attention.

    This stunning half crown is to be worn on the back of the head. It can be placed over a bun or any beautiful hairstyle that sits on the back of the head. A veil can be placed in the hair, under the headpiece. It can be secured with bobby pins for extra grip and support.

    Are you ready to turn heads?